Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last day on the Olympic Torch Relay

Today was my last day on the Olympic Torch Relay before flying home tomorrow. It was a great day over all as we didn't have to travel too far with only about a total of 3 hours of driving. This morning we were in Steinbech Manatoba. They bussed in about 50 bus loads of kids from local schools so Jared, Jill and I were none stop signing for over three hours. The whole time though we were really looking forward to the evening celebration in Winnipeg as it was supposed to be one of the biggest of the relay.
Winnipeg sure didn't disappoint tonight as the number of people that turned out was incredible. We each also got to take turns going over the hotel that was next to the celebration to mingle with a bunch of RBC clients at a party RBC was putting with food and drinks. I got to see my first protesters tonight! They were pretty innocent though tonight as they was just a small group of them and they were just yelling some stuff at us but they got moved along pretty quick.
It's been a great trip on the Torch Relay but I'm tired and it will be good to get home, get some rest and see Lea. I just want to thank you to Kat for taking such great care of me while I've been on the road. Kat has gone more than out of her way to make this one of the best experiences ever and I hope that her and I can keep in touch. Also a big thank you to RBC for giving me this amazing experience.

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