Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day #2 of Olympic Torch Relay

Today started with a 3:30am wake up to be on the road at 4am. Before we got on the road we were informed that one of the trucks travelling during the night hit a moose and was pretty much totalled. The first part of the drive was done in the dark as we went through Wawa. After that the sun started to come up and we were able to see all around us. I've been to some pretty cool places around Canada and the World but there is nothing like good old Northern Ontario. It was some of the nicest country I've seen and it made for a great drive! I took a couple picture as we got into out first celebration town of Marathon. The people of Marathon were great and were supper pumped about us being there and really enjoyed the show. After is was back on the road and this time I took a turn behind the wheel to Thunder Bay.
Thunder Bay sure knows how to have fun as thousands of people came out for the celebration. I'm pretty sure I didn't stop signing autographs the whole two hours we were there.
The food on the road has been lets just say AMAZING!! We have full buffets everynight in the hotel just for us. You can pretty much have anything you want! My kind of a meal for sure....
I know I said today one of the celebrations was supposed to be on a lake but I was wrong and it's actually tomorrow when we get to Dryden. Then we finish off the day in Kenora. Looking forward to travelling to this great places I've never been before and getting to meet the people of these towns.

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