Monday, January 4, 2010

Day #3 Olympic Torch Relay

Well we got the disappointing news on the way to Dryden this morning that our celebration wouldn't be on the lake and that it made been moved indoors because of the wind shield factor. It was kind of upsetting because I had really been looking forward to be on the Ice Road but ever since a couple days ago when they had to bring 6 people to hospital because of the cold they aren't taking any chances. I was really surprised at how big both Dryden and Kenora are. I thought they were going to be really small communities but there was a lot of people at both celebrations and the cities were very nice.
Lea told me yesterday that she was talking to her aunt who lives in Hearst and she was saying that there's this really cool store on the side of the highway that we should stop at where everything is made of sheep fur. So I told everyone about it and next thing you know I've got a whole ton of RBC and Coke SUV's and Transports stopping at this little store to check it out. Some people were spending hundreds of dollars on clothes, mits, hats, name it! All because of Lea's aunt who said I should stop if I can.
Tonight's celebration in Kenora was outside and as you can see in one of the pictures they made these really big hollow ice cubs and put candles in them. There were hundreds of them and they marked the way for the torch. It was really cool!! A couple thousand people turned out tonight in Kenora which was great considering it was so cold and there were so many young kids. And that is the real reason why I'm doing this is for the kids and to see their faces when they see the torch and the few seconds I get to spend talking with each one trying to inspire them to reach for their dreams in sport or whatever they do in life.
Tomorrow is my last day on the relay when I end in Winnipeg tomorrow night before flying home the next day. It's supposed to be a huge celebrations in Winnipeg tomorrow and I can't wait.

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Very cool reports Buddy! It is really neat to see how excited the northern towns are as they get into the Olympic Spirit, even in the frigid conditions. I guess they are use to the extreme cold but it also tells a lot about the spirit of those communities.

Thank yuo for sharing your amazing experience!