Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

Well today is the big day that I leave in a couple of hours for Vancouver for my big race. I'm really starting to get nervous now. I was all calm all day until tonight after I was all done packing and it like ok I guess it's time to do this!
So the past two days have had their ups and downs...yesterday I woke up after sleeping in a bit because I didn't have to be at work until 2pm and I was going to go for a ride and I notice cassette is loose...I'm in a panic because I dont' know what to do and I'm playing with it and the more I play with it the worse it gets! Thank god I got a hold of Mike Hay and he said to come right over and he fixed me all up. There was like an hour that I didn't know what I was going to do. So after that I went for ride and everything was awesome. Didn't do anything too crazy...just a little warm up then 4x2minutes hard with 2minutes easy between and then a couple hill repeats. Legs felt pretty good so decided to cool down and call it a day.
Today I had a couple clients this morning. Got a 30minute run in between 2 clients and then was down work at around noon. After work I jumped in the pool for a swim. Again nothing too hard...after a warm up just a few break outs and some fast 100's. It never seems to amaze me how fast the guys start ever triathlon. I think I've won just about ever swim in ever triathlon I've ever done yet in the first 50-100m there's always a whole bunch of people ahead of me. I don't understand it! I could just in a pool right now with no warm up and swim a :56 for 100FR yet I always have to pass people to get to the front of the swim in all the tri's. Wired!
So tonight I took my bike all apart and packed it up...thats always an adventure and a half but after a little pushing and shoving I think I got it all ready to go. I got the camera and videos camera all packed too so hopefully I'll be able to post some cool pictures of while in Vancouver and hopefully get some good shots while I'm racing. Well I better be getting some sleep now but before I got I just want to say thank you to a few people for helping me get to where I am today and helping me get to Vancouver.
I have to say a huge thank you to Matt at Shot Crete Plus for helping me out huge financially or else I wouldn't even be making this trip. I got in conection with Matt through a friend and he said he wanted to help me get to Vancouver and Matt I just want you to know I apreciate what you did for me so much!!
Another bog thank you to two awesome friends Jack and Drew. Jack for getting me into the sport just being there whenever I had a question or needed something. Trust me you've gotten me through some stressful times. Drew for always having a great story to tell me and always wanting to know what I've been up to! Also for some of the best meals I've ever had...I'm blaming you for those extra two pounds!
Everyone else also like Josee for my glasses, I never put them down and Brooks for some great running gear and shoes. And to everyone else who I havn't mentioned, so many of you have had such a huge influence on my life and helped me through all the tough times and been there to share all the good ones.
Last is my dad. I think recently I've been struggling a little more with it and I know it's shown and it's affected other people. I'm truly sorry. My dad was such a huge part of my life and I know I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for him. I probably never said thank you enough or at all when I had the chance but dad thank you for influencing me and helping me become who I am today.
Well bed time for this guy so I'll try and keep everyone up to date on how everything is going once I get settled in Vancouver. Oh and if you get the chance check out the Sudbury Star, they did a little interview with me today.

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down".

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