Friday, June 6, 2008

Great news...

Well they just officially announced that the water temperature is now 11.8C and that they have shortened the swim my 500m to make it only a 1000m swim. Great news for those of us who are swimmers...not! In the junior race yesterday a bunch of men and women dropped out and the fastest guys time for 750m was over 13minutes...and the fastest guys in that group should be just over 9minutes. So it shows how much the water temperature is affecting them. So I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see how things go and I know everyone in the race is in the same position but for us swimmers who always want a longer swim it's not the best of news to get the day before you're supposed to race that they've shortened the swim.

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down".

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