Friday, June 27, 2008

Well this week has been filled with plenty of ups and downs. Last weekend I got in some good hours of training and on Sunday I got to do a ride with Jack that was a lot of fun. Since I do most of my training on my own it's nice every once and a while to have some company. This week has been really good for training as well. I've had a bunch of clients cancel that opened up some extra time and Thursday's I'm supposed to be working in the pool all day but the pool was closed this week so I got an extra much needed day off. So again this week my hours have been up and I'm really feeling good in the water this week. My legs are starting to feel the effects of the extra training but that's good and I'm excited to race this weekend in North Bay. I've done this race a few times and always enjoyed it. Right out of the swim there's this really nice hill that just seems to keep going and going and has always given me trouble but with the way my cycling and and climbing is going I'm pumped.
Bad news though this week was a bunch of little punks who at 17 think they are invincible I guess find it funny to do damage to other peoples things and kicked my car a few times. I wonder if after being charged by the police and spending the night in jail did any good. At least I'm not the one having to pay for the damage or else I really wouldn't be a happy camper right now.
So it's exactly two weeks now before the big move into the new house. I'm starting to get really excited and want it to come now. We bought our paint last weekend because we are painting the down stairs cause we're not too sure about the colors that are down there right now... We've been picking up other little things to that makes it exciting and all that much more real like garden hoses and things like that. We've started packing and putting everything in boxes. We're not going to make the mistake again of trying to move everything loose and not in boxes like we did when we moved into the apartment. There's a few heavy things that I'm not looking forward to moving that will be lots of fun trying to get out of there. I'm think I'm going to have to start recruiting some helpers over the next two weeks to help me out...wink...wink.
So anyways I'm leaving tomorrow to go to North Bay and staying with my aunt and uncle which is always fun and I think my sister Molly is coming to watch the race so that will be nice. I will let you know after the race how it goes and will post some pics.

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down".

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