Monday, January 19, 2009

Y Tri and Cottage Weekend

So on Friday I did the Y Tri at Work. There was only 8 of us that did it and it was a 500m swim, 20km bike and 3.2km run. I knew it would be a good chance for some fast all out training to get those muscles moving at a race pace. The swim felt good and I did the 500m in 5:20 which is like 1:04/100m. The bike was done on one of the Y's stationary spin bikes but I was still able to average about 305watts for the 20km. About 3/4 of the way through the bike though I was kicking myself for not bringing a watter bottle as my mouth was so dry. The run felt good also and for the 3.2km I was a little under 12minutes. Saturday morning I did a good bike session on the computrainer anf then Lea and I were off to the cottage with Jesse and Sarah.
We had a lot of fun together and Sunday was my first day off of training in a couple of weeks so it was a much need day of rest although we did go for a walk in the bush with snow up to our waist(litterally) for a good hour so we all had a little sweat going by the time we got back. We played some games, watched some movies, had a camp fire and just overall had a good relaxing day and a half.
This week will be a big training week for me with a swim/bike focus. I have a swim meet I'm starting to get ready for as well coming up in 3 weeks. I'll try and report later in the week about how the training is going. Also a big Happy Birthday to Drew who's birthday was last week!! Drew's been working hard lately also getting ready for his big cross country ski races coming up soon in Ottawa were he has to ski 50km on the Saturday and then 50km again on the Sunday!

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