Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I had an appointment with Dr. Stauber who did some more work on my back and we had a good talk about why I may be experiencing these stomach problems. It was a much needed talk and I really appreciated him taking that time out of his day.
For the past couple of days Lea's aunt has been staying with us while her uncle is recovering from surgery. It's been good, usually we come home and we're both so tired that we just through stuff together and these past few nights we've had some really nice meals.
Training has been going awesome lately. I just can't complain about anything and now my right hamstring is feeling much better after it was bothering me for a day or two. I've been able to get in some good long runs and bikes in which has been great for lots of base mileage. Doing all this extra weights and core has been really good also and I know I've said this before but I'm supper excited to see how it works out down the road. I've been swimming lots also with two 1.5 hours today, one before work and one after. Both were killer workouts and my arms are dead tonight writing on the computer. This morning was 1000m warm up and then the main set was 400FR+200Fly
All the FR's were meant to be at about 85% so like 4:45 for the 400 and then the Fly's were A!O! and I was hitting some wicked times...2:25, 1:43, 1:05, 29 and 13.8 I think for my next triathlon I'm just going to do the swim all Fly.
This weekend will be another busy one as they all seem to be. I'll be getting in some good hours of training and Lea registered up for a wedding show tomorrow and then it's off to the mall so she can pick out a new suit for an interview. Sunday we have an inservice at the pool, then it's practice, wolves game, sushi with Jesse and Sarah then finally home...I might as well just work all weekend and I wouldn't be as busy!

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