Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is coming

Well about 23 sleeps and Santa will be here now. It seems like November just flew by and we're into December now. Lea and I were in North Bay overnight this weekend as I was coaching at the swim meet. The kids awesome and everyone had lots of fun and it was great as always to see Mark and Bonnie.
Saturday before we left I did a run with Jack early and then I had a quick shower and we were on the road. Sunday when we got back Lea and I went skiing with Jack and his family for about an hour and then I ran home from the ski trails. Yesterday I did some core, weights and tried spinning for a bit by my legs were feeling it so after only about 30minutes of spinning I decided to his the pool and give the legs a break for the rest of the day. Today will be another swim trying to get ready for my swim meet next weekend and then a brick workout.
I found out today from my doctor that my stomach problems that I had been having were being caused by an ulcer. This is already my tired one but it had been also 4 years since my last one and they aren't fun. So I'm on some medication for it and hopefully it will go away sooner than later.
Tomorrow we will be installing a carpet runner than we bought for our stairs going down into the basement. It will look really nice to finish the stairs off and it will also help to make them not slippery so when I come in the house and try and walk downstairs with my bike shoes on I wont end up on my back like I already have once.
All this snow we've got so far has been pretty crazy...it looks like we could be in for a long winter as it's barely stopped snowing for two weeks now. Hopefully everyone is driving safe and taking their time as we adjust to the conditions.

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