Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swim Meet & EZ Rock All the Way!!

This past weekend I was in Guelph for a swim meet and I knew it was a good chance for me to see where my swimming is at this point in the season. Friday I swam the 200 Fly and in prelims I went 2:23 and qualified for finals in 4th. Friday afternoon I just rested in the hotel room as 200Fly is one of my favourite races and I wanted to have a good swim that night. I went in and based on my time from the morning and how that felt I had a feeling I could do around a 2:17-2:18 but it order to win it I would have to be around 2:13 which is my best time. I decided that I would start out hard and see if I got a bit of a lead if they would give up on me and just race for second. So that's what I did...I started out 28 at the 50m and 1:01.8 at the 100m. I knew I went out fast but not that fast and now it was just try and hold on and not die! In the end my plan almost worked but I came second and was just out touched and my time was 2:14.12 which is only about 1/2 a second off my best time. I was very happy with my race and couldn't of asked for much more.
Saturday Lea and I went home to London for the day to visit her parents. We did a little bit of shopping in the morning while her mom was still sleeping after just getting off a night shift at the hospital. We went to Home Sense to use our gift card and got ourselves a new bed set and it looks great on the bed! We had a good visit and a great steak dinner.
Sunday was my 1500Free and I was really looking forward to this race and really hoped I had a good race. There were a couple of guys who were really fast, like one who just set a Canadian Record 3 weeks ago fast...We were at the pool for 8am and figured I would be swimming around 11am but it turned out that my race wouldn't be until after 1pm. It was a long weight and I wasn't prepared food wise and about an hour before the race I could feel it in my stomach. It was also hard to be still warmed up after such a long weight. It started out alright and I was with the two leaders for the first couple hundred meters but I knew the pace we were hold I couldn't keep that up for too long. I dropped off and settled into a comfortable pace, I look back and think that it have been a little to comfortable at some points but there was no catching the two leaders. I finished in 16:52 which is just under 1:08's per 100m. I was over excited about the race but then wasn't disappointed either. I know I can improve on that over the next couple of months and will be faster the next time I swim it at the beginning of Feb.
So yesterday I had a meeting with the managers and owners of EZ Rock because they said they had an idea of how to help me out in terms of sponsorship but wouldn't tell me what over the phone. All weekend my mind was trying to think of all the I went in yesterday and was completely blown away!!! I could never of dreamed of something like this! I can tell exactly what it is or any of the details because they still have to work a few little things out first but it's big and I can't wait!!
Training has been going good since I've been back. 3 hours on Monday and 2.5 yesterday and today I have another 3+ hours to put in! I also got my computrainer on Monday from Dr. Theriault which I can't wait to get set up and will help my riding so much this winter! Well I have to run as I have to get my bike ride in now before I have another client.

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