Thursday, November 27, 2008


So Jack is a really close friend of mine and the guy who got me started in triathlons but hasn't done any for awhile and keeps talking about wanting to do another Ironman but Amanda his wife didn't want him doing another one because the training took too much time. So on Tuesday I'm over for supper and I'm teasing Jack that he should sign up for an Ironman next year and we both started getting the look from then on Wednesday I see Jack and he hands me this piece of paper and I open it and it's a receipt for entry into Ironman next August and Amanada signed him up without him even knowing. I think this is so exciting and I can't wait to start training with him and now he can come out with Drew and I sometimes also.
On a not so good note, I was at my Fire Fighting practice last night and one of the guys who is involved on with the Naughton Ski Trails where I do my cross country skiing told me that earlier this week someone broke into their garage and stole their trail groomer. It's about 15thousand to replace and they need one or else they can't keep the trails open. I don't understand though how someone can just drive away with one of those and nobody see that! It's really unfortunate that these things happen because it affects so many people.
Lea's birthday was good yesterday and she enjoyed her presents that I gave her and tonight a few friends are coming over for supper.
So far everyone that I've given a copy of my sponsorship package to really likes it and I even think a few companies are going to give me some money for next year so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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