Friday, October 3, 2008

Training going good!

This week has been pretty low key for the most part. I've been putting in a lot of time putting together my new sponsorship proposal that Mark Simmons is helping me with. Mark is a great guy from Toronto who introduced me to the owner of Shot Crete Plus back in the spring who paid for my trip to Vancouver. Mark was a very successful boxer and qualified for the Olmpics in Sydney at the Olympic Trials in Mexico with a broken hand. He's a great guy and has been helping me out a lot!
My training has been going good this week. I've been getting in a lot of running which I think is good because I better be running fast in order to keep up with any of those guys I'm going to be racing in San Francisco. I checked out the results from last year and a few of the top guys in the race all were at the Olympics this past summer. I've also started swimming with the swim club again in the mornings. There's a good group of top guys there with about 5 of us and it can get pretty competitive at times which is good because it pushes us and we can't hold anything back. My swimming has been great all summer, right where I've wanted it to be and over the next month leading up to San Francisco this will get me swimming even faster. My new Devinci bike has been great also. That's going to be the part of the race that I'm the most nervous about just because I've never raced in a draft legal race before where I'll have guys inches from me at all times on the bike.
Well there doesn't seem to be much else that's new going on. Jack is coming over tomorrow morning to help Lea and I with the floor downstairs.

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