Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This weekend was a lot of fun and we got a lot accomplished. The plan was to get the flooring that Lea's parents bought us for christmas installed but we had no idea how long it would take. Saturday morning Jack came over to help me instal the floor and Shaylin came with him and kept Lea busy all morning. I do have to thank Shaylin though for the nice pictures though. The floor went in really nice and smooth and after getting a good start on it Jack headed into town to watch Tayte in a race at Delki. This kid can fly and I know he's going to do great things in the future. While Jack was in town I went out for a run, nice and easy 13.5km. In the afternoon we got back to work and by about 5pm we were 2/3 done. Drew and Jose came over for supper and the roast we had put in the slow cooker was amazing. After supper my mom and Randy came over and we work some more on the floor.
Sunday I had to be at LU for 11:30am to coach so I left early and got in 90minutes on the bikes. On the way home I just biked straight home for another 40minutes as I had to meet my mom and Randy again to help finnish the floor. The floor got finnished and looks so good. It totally changes the rec room downstairs and tonight Lea and I are going to pick out the base board to finnish it off. While I was working on the floor on Sunday Lea went to this girls house that she works with and they printed all our wedding invites. They look really good and we will probably be starting to send them out in the near future.
Yesterday I did a swim the in the am with the club. My swimming feels so good and I know that I will be breaking some of my PB's this year. In the afternoon I did a 90minute bike and a 6km run after. Training is still going, I'm just going to try and not get sick like everything seems to be lately. This weekend I'm heading up to the cottage for thanksgiving but will be back for Monday for the Turkey Trott run. Hope everyone likes the pictures of Jack and I working on the floor and and then the floor all done. There's a nice shot of Tayte also running like the wind.

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