Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back in the swing of things

Things have been back on track this week as my stomach has been feeling much better. Tuesday was a swim and bike, nothing to hard just trying to get things moving again. Wednesday was more of the same with a swim and run on the treadmill. I pushed it much more though on the swim with my main set being 10x100 on 2:00 holding 1:05's. Today I did a hard brick workout with the bike on the trainer and running on the treadmill again. I did 45minutes on the bike, 45min run, 30min bike and 30minute run. It was a solid 2.5hours and I felt great at the end.
Yesterday I had another appointment with Dr. Stauber and he said my lower back is starting to look really good and he is happy with my progress. It's something that's good to hear because with back pain like I was having was making for uncomfortable rides.
This weekend will be my last weekend heading up to the cottage again to get some work done. I've done a lot of work this fall on our other cottage. When my parents and my grandpa bought the land 30 years ago they built two cottages, one for my parents and us and one was for my grandpa. The one for my parents got finished first in order to be able to stay in it while they built my grandpa's. After my grandpa died his cottage just became starage and was never finished inside and wasn't maintained properly. It's a beautiful cottage with huge windows over looking the lake but over the years very little has been done to it. So we decided that it's time finish it so this fall I've tore down the old deck and built a new, reshingled the roof and replaced all the sofit and facia. I'm going up with weekend to do a few more little things and then in the spring we are going to replace all the windows and do the eletrical. We hope to have it all done within 2-3 years is our goal. I'm so excited to finally be working on it as it's been a goal of mine for many years. I told myself that one day I would finish what my granda and dad started.
I'm going to make sure to get my training in though also this weekend and next week will be a big week for me as I only have a couple weeks left before San Francisco. The start list came out the other day and looks like I'm going to have my work cut out for me. There's a few Olympians and a guy who was ranked number 1 in the world back in 2006 along with some other big name guys. I'm really going to go into this though as a big learning experience and don't want to get down on myself if I don't place good. I know I have my strenghts and weaknesses and want to see where each of them measure up. I'm almost looking forward to the training that's going to come after the race as I am the race itself. This winter is going to be huge for me as far as training goes. I had a good winter last year and I want this one to be even better and get in even more hours.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy; Congrats on your race in Muskoka, your turning pro and your progress on the cottage and home.
I have always regretted selling our place on Kipawa and miss the great folks we befriended there.

Please say hello to your Mom for me and good luck in San Fran in November.

Gord Adams