Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hospital to Race

I hope everyone had a good safe thanksgiving weekend with friends and family. I got to spend the first part of the weekend at the cottage with Lea and my mom. It was a busy weekend with more work getting done on the other cottage. I didn't get much training done though as I found myself to be in quite a bit of pain for the majority of the time. My stomach just didn't seem to like me very much this weekend and it seemed like no matter what I did nothing helped. It was also good to get up to the cottage this weekend as yesterday would of been my dads 60th birthday and it was nice to spend some time visiting where he lays.
Lea and I left the cottage Sunday afternoon and stopped in North Bay to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a nice supper with them. We never get to see them enough and any chance we have is always nice. After that we stopped off for a few minutes at Jenn and Mark's house to see all the work they've done since they moved in this summer. It was so nice, they've done such an increadible job.
Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night in even more pain and it just kept getting worse and Lea took me to the hospital. Exactly what I didn't want to have happen. Hospitals and me just don't seem to see eye to eye on a lot of things. Well we walked into the emergency department and usually it's full and it's a couple of hours wait before you even get seen well I'm not even kidding there wasn't one person in the waiting room. I walked in and thought they were closed and was ready to leave. Well turns out that if you ever have to get sick and go to the emerg, then go on thanksgiving. I was seen right away and had blood work done. It tured out to be nothing serious and just that I had way to much acid in my stomach and was eating everything that I ate and that's why I wasn't going to the bathroom for almost a week. The doctor gave me some medication and I'm starting to feel better now.
So Monday morning I was originally supposed to do a run race at 10:00am. Lea said I shouldn't do it but me being stuborn like I am went but I only did the 3km as I didn't think my stomach could hold out for anything longer at that point. After two whole days off of training because of my stomach I didn't know how I would feel but I wasn't to bad and I ran away from the 50 or so other people pretty fast and won the 3km by a good few minutes.
Today I'm feel even better, I think the medication is starting to kick in and I plan on getting some training in today and tomorrow will hopefully be back in full swing.
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