Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Woodstock Race Recap

This past weekend myself and fours others from the team travelled down to Woodstock for our first race of the season.  We arrived Saturday and went over parts of the course like normal and then headed back to the hotel.  Saturday also happened to be my birthday so I was treated to a very nice dinner at East Side's and a few gifts.  I am very thankful for these great friends as my family was unable to be there this weekend and it made for a great birthday! 
Sunday morning I got to the race site much earlier than I normally do and was one of the very first people there and usually I tend to get there a little bit later as I don't like to wait around and let my mind wonder with everything going on so I got my stuff in transition, got all checked in and then headed back to the truck and had about a 45min nap.  Once I got up pretty much everyone was there and getting ready for their own race so it was perfect timing to start warming up and head down to the start. 
I was only racing the Swim/Bike event as I'm really trying to take my progression back slow to prevent any injuries which I've delt with in the past with three previous stress fractures so I decided to hold off on doing the full tri until the next one.  So started lining up on start line and looked to my left and to my right and right noticed three guys who were going to make the swim interesting to say the least!  There were 3 guys who have swam 16:48, 16:08 and 15:52 in the 1500 in a pool recently so I knew we were in for a FAST swim!!  I knew I wasn't in good enough shape to swim with these guys but I said to myself that I might as well try and go for it and see if I can maybe get on the back of their feet and hold on for dear life.  As soon as we started I could see to my left a few feet over 2 guys going together so I gave it hell and got over to them and actually got behind Derek Quick (15:52).  I figured the other guy just got in behind me and was staying there but after we went around the first turn I noticed that we had opened up a gap.  I really can't tell you how excited I was to be swimming with Derek and that we had opened up this lead and I could tell he was trying to drop me as well as he was going from one side to another and each time I would try and pass he would cut me off so I just sat in on his feet and waited until we got to the shore and I had a good exit of the water and we both crossed the timing mats at the exact same time in 8:50 for the 750m. 
Out onto the bike I was still pushing hard knowing I didn't have to run afterward but I don't really think it mattered as it seemed like I really only have the one speed and I don't think it would have mattered it I was running afterwards or not.  On the way out it seemed like we were moving quite fast and I was pretty happy with it but as soon as I made the turn around it hit me like a pill of bricks!  The wind...I should have known!  The way back seemed like I was barely moving and the constant rolling hills with no real flat sections made it seem that much worse.  Regardless I finished the bike in 34:39 and that included a fairly long run from the timing mats at transition to the mount line and then back after the bike so overall I'm happy with it after almost 3 years off from any training or racing.

Last week I was very fortunate to attend the United Way's GenNext Volunteer Awards as I was receiving an award for the work I've been doing within the sporting community here in Sudbury.  It was truly an honor to receive this award and a big thank you to those who support me and to Lisa and Corrine for the nomination.

Up next is the Espanola Duathlon this Saturday!

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