Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So I decided there was one or two races this year I wanted to do but I would need my Elite card in order to participate in these races so on Monday this week I sent in my application.  I heard back today that my application was successful so for the 2013 season after a couple years off I will be competing again as an Elite.  This doesn't change anything from my earlier post of about my goals and objectives for this year as my main focus is still just on having fun, enjoying the sport and seeing where it takes me.  I may even play the role of domestique for a couple of the boys I coach and help set them up where they need to be coming off the bike.

Since we moved into our new house only 2 weeks before Christmas we really didn't know what to expect as far as what's under the snow so just now within the past day or two almost all the snow is gone around our place and it's been really exciting getting to see everything and start to work at getting things cleaned up and start exploring our property even though I did do a bit of that through the snow this winter.  I've learned that there is a little lake at the back of our property and it is full of pickerel so I'm really excited to find it and do some fishing there and maybe bring the canoe in.

Training has been going pretty good as well as of late.  Swimming is feeling fairly strong and I'm excited for the swim meet that is coming up in a week and a half!  The biggest surprise has been my cycling though with how strong I've been and a couple people mentioning that they've noticed as well.  All good things so just need to keep working away and hopefully it will all fall into place.

I have to say a huge Thank You to Cast Construction Inc. for their generous donation of $500 towards the Northern Ontario Triathlon Squad.  We've started sending out some sponsorship letter to some businesses around town in hopes of raising some money that will help the athletes on the team who are working very hard and will be putting in a lot of travel this year getting to races all over the World!
This Saturday we're having a team yard sale to also try and raise a bit of money for the team.  Sunday I have to go over to our old house because when we moved the ground was frozen so I couldn't take the play house I built Hudson so I'm going back on Sunday to take it apart and bring it over to the new house and I'll have to find a new home for it.  If anyone wants to help please come on over because this thing is a beast!

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