Monday, May 13, 2013

Swim Meet Report

That swim meet kicked my butt!  I have an all new appreciation for swimming long course.  I'm pretty sure that was the first time I've swam a LC meet since before going to University so like 9-10 years ago.  All the swim meets I've done since then have all been short course and it was never all that bad going from a 20m pool at the Y to a 25m pool but going from a 20m pool to a 50m pool sure makes a big difference and it didn't take long for me to figure that out!
On the Friday night I had the 1500fr and things didn't start out well when I had 3.5 hours between my warm up and my race and well the warm up was pretty much useless but I really wanted to swim well so I didn't let that affect me mentally.  I went out really hard and probably too hard as I was leading some pretty fast guys from the start until about 500m and then things started to go south from there.  I just couldn't hold that pace an unfortunately these guys could and I think I ended up 4th or 5th with a 18:10 which is about a 17:40 short course time if you were to convert it so it's not horrible but it for sure leaves room for improvement!
That race pretty much did my arms in for the rest of the weekend and non of my races were much of anything after that point with probably my next best swim a 1:07 in the 100fly and even then...

Here is a picture of Hudson from some pictures we had done a couple weeks ago from Westmount Photography.  We really loved the expressions in his face on these!

There won't be too much happening this week other than getting ready for our friends from Germany who will be arriving on Friday for two weeks and staying with us. 
Thursday I will be receiving my award from the GenNext Volunteer of the Year Award from the United Way in the sports category so we'll probably do a little dinner and then the awards presentation is happening at Cambrian College. 
On Sunday was the Sudbury Rock Run here in Sudbury and Lea did a great job organizing it again this year and we had several people from the team running in the 5km and Devin ran the 1/2 marathon in 1:15 and considering it was below 0C and snowing and very windy that's a really strong time.  Jordano was in Ottawa competing in a duathlon and was 2nd overall and Isabella was at the same swim meet as I was and got another Provincial time so our team had a very good weekend!

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