Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Espanola Duathlon and Tomorrow is a new day!

This past weekend we took the short drive over to Espanola for their annual duathlon.  Last year at this race it was a combination of rain and snow and it was very cold!  This year they were calling for rain however it held off for the entire race and the temperature was much better.
On the men's side Devin took the overall win and on the women's side Emmah and Lea went 1-2.  Spencer also won his age group which is great as he gears up for his first race in the Ontario Youth series.
This weekend is another busy weekend with Aron racing in Winnipeg in the first race of the Jr National Series that is also the qualifier for the Canada Summer Games.  Devin is in Binbrook, Josh is racing a 10km in North Bay and Jordano, Connor and myself are in a swim meet here at LU. 

Yesterday was a tough day as I went to ask my boss exactly what day my contract is done in mid August and he informed me that the date had been changed and it is now the end of next week.  That was some pretty tough news to take however today is a new day and I look forward to the new opportunities that lay ahead.  I'm very grateful of the good friends I have who have been so positive and have stepped up in helping us get through this bump in the road.

We've started swimming in lake so that's been fun to get out of the rectangle pool we've been confined to all winter!  Lots of fun was had by all :)

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