Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally retired x3

Well Lea retired 3 pairs of my pants yesterday and not because they were worn out or anything like that but because I can now pull them on and off without undoing them.  So that meant it was time to start seeing what other pairs of pants in my closet fit that I haven't worn in a very long time!  It feels good to fitting back into a size 32 again.

This past weekend we had a few members of the NOTS come to town to join in on some training.  The weather wasn't great but we still managed and did a ride outside on Sunday at the track.  It was nice to get outside and off the trainer.  I got a new road bike back in the fall and only got to ride it a couple of times before winter so other than the week I was in Florida and riding it's got very little use yet outside.  It's probably the last bike I'll ever be allowed to buy and  it's a good thing I didn't pay anywhere near full price for it!
Training has been going fairly well.  Again it's been mostly little short workouts whenever I can get them in but so it's been working and they've been fairly consistent and it feels good to push 230 watts again on the bike for a sustained amount of time so no complaining here as on wards and upwards we go.
I have to say congratulations to Devin who is one of the guys I coach who this past weekend ran at the Toronto Young St. 10km and ran a best time of 32:19 for 20th overall and beat some of the elite runners.  This is a very fast time and his hard work is paying off big time already and we are very early into the season.  You can find Devin's race report on his blog and the link to that is just on the right hand side of mine.

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