Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Santa Parade/Raptors Game/New Bike

So things have settled down now that my trip has come and gone. I've been getting some good base workouts in with some longer runs and bikes inside on the treadmill and on the trainer. I've started doing a little bit of strenght training as well which I think will help with my cycling and I've even started going to a few classes like yoga. My swimming is going great, I'm getting in my swim everyday now getting ready for my swim meet in Guelph. It will be fun again to get up on the blocks and race.
This past weekend we were really bust first going with my Aunt Bon and Jenn to watch Jordon play hockey here in town. It was great to see him play and he scored a goal and was named MVP of the game! After that we went out for lunch and then it was time for Lea and I and Jesse and Sarah to get ready for the Santa Clause parade. We actually had a lot of fun the whole night and I was so surprised at how many people came out. After the parade Jesse and Sarah came over for the night as we had to get up early to catch the bus to Toronto in morning. Sunday the four of us went to Toronto to watch the Raptors game. It was my first time seeing a professional game like that and we had all had fun. I even caught a little ball that they were tossing into the crowed and brought it home for Daisy to play with.
Last week was also exciting because I finally got my new bike that I ordered exactly a year ago! It's a Blue T-17 and it looks awesome, although I don't think I'm going to get the chance to get out and ride it now as the snow is already here. I also sold my race wheels to Drew as Blackwell gave me a Pro Deal on a new set that I also got last week. I can't wait for next year to try out all my new goodies. And congrates to Drew for an awesome Ironman two weeks ago in Las Vegas on one of the hardest courses there is and his 3rd Ironman this year.
Not too much going on this week other than work and training like also. This weekend is our x-mas staff party on Saturday night. Friday we got free tickets to the wolves game so Lea and I will be going to see that on Friday. Not much else new, that time of the year and just trying to stay healthy now. Looking forward to the x-mas season and hopefully seeing everyone!

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