Monday, September 8, 2008

Productive Weekend

It was great not to be on call this weekend and be able to get a whole bunch of things done. Saturday I picked up Drew and Jesse and went to Moores and we got measured for our suits for the wedding. While we were doing that Lea took Molly and Josee to a dress store to pick out their brides maids dresses. It all seems to be getting more real now that everyone in the wedding party has what they are wearing except for Sig who doesn't know yet and I'm surprising him after work today when I take him to go get sized.
After that Lea and I went to Rona and after shopping around we finally found the flooring we wanted for the basement and Lea's parents bought it for us as our Christmas present so we are supper excited. After that we went out for Sushi with Drew, Josee and the kids and then we hurried to get home so I could get a short bike in before it got dark.
Sunday was a busy day again with a hilly 10km run in the am and then it was out for the day again for Lea and I. I found a new pillow at Sears, got some groceries, picked up the second half of the flooring and stopped at Staples to get some pricing on invites for the wedding. After all that it was off to the pool for a 1 hour swim. Busy, busy weekend!
This week will be spent just getting myself ready for this weekends 1/2 ironman in Muskoka. I will be tapering a little bit, figuring out what I'm going to be taking with me on the bike for nutrition and a visit to the chiropractors to see if we can figure out this lower back pain that I only seem to get after about 2hours on the bike.
Swimming starts this week also, so I will be coaching with the swim club now as well. Other than all that it should be a pretty normal week...looking forward to tonight with Sig though!

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