Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Weekend On Call

So this past weekend was my last weekend on call for the summer for the fire department and it's to bad it had to be this weekend because without a doubt it was the nicest weekend of the whole summer! I don't think I saw a cloud all weekend and it was in the high 20's. Even though I was on call I was able to get some good training in, work around the house and catch up with an old friend.
Friday I did a swim at LU with the main set of 6x300 @4:00 holding under 3:30. My swimming in the pool is feeling awesome and I can't wait to race this winter in the pool at a couple of meets. I really want to get a best time in the 1500 before since the last time I went 16:20 was when I was 15 and other than that the closest I ever came was in University when I went 16:22 at OU's so this year I know I can do it. After my swim I did a 40minute run outside then straight onto the treadmill for 5x1minute at 12mph with one minute recovery and then a cool down for for a good 60minutes in total. Later that evening I went out on the bike for a 75minute spin. Overall a great day of training with about 3.5hours. Saturday I took the whole day off and got some work done around the house.
We bought a pressure washer that was 50% off at Crappy Tire and we pressure washed the deck. After we were done that we went to Home Hardware and picked out a stain to put on the deck. It's a dark color that they "Twig" but yesterday I got half the deck done and i think it looks pretty good.
Sunday I did a 1.5 hour ride on my little loop around the fire hall that never puts me more than 2km from the hall in case I got a call I could get there fast enough. When I got home Lea was ready with her bike to pace me while I did a run off the bike. I did just over 10km but it was HOT out and I was glad that she had a water bottle. Later in the evening I did my usual 2km run up to Meat Bird Lake for a swim and then 2km run back home. It works out good because I can use the run there as a warm, get in a good swim and then I run Hard on the way home while Lea drives in her car with my pager...just in case. Another good day of training logged.
Monday was another just over 10km run with one of my clients who is training for a 1/2 marathon at the end of October. Then I did another 1.5hours on the bike of hill work. I've found a good spot again not too far from the fire hall with a good climb, flattens out for about 30 seconds and then you go down the other side, turn around and repeat...and repeat. So after doing that a few times I was feeling the burn in my legs which was a good sign. I've doing all my riding lately on my new bike and I just love it. It's so smooth and it absorbs all the bumps I feel like I'm riding in a car.
Last night my best friend from high school Jesse and hid girlfriend came over for supper. The four of us had a really good time and spent a few hours just talking and getting caught up. They brought this fruit cake dessert that was really good also that I'm going to have to get the recipe for.
So eventhough I was on call this weekend, a lot got accomplished and it was a really good weekend overall.

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