Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring - I hope!

Stepping foot outside this morning sure felt like today was the first day of Spring.  Last night we got a big rain fall that helped with the melt of the snow and this morning the warm air and sun shine was sure a nice change from the cold we've been having as of late.
This past weekend was a Family Fun Day at the Caruso Club and we knew the photographer, Rob from Westmount Photography who had done my pictures when I was competing and who has done all of Hudson's pictures was going to be there doing a free family picture so we got there early to avoid waiting in line.  We were in luck as he was just finishing setting up and we were able to go first.  Again the picture turned out amazing and I can't say enough about Rob and the pictures he takes!
I really didn't get much training done this past weekend other than a little bike ride and that's alright as my knee had been giving me a funny little pain so the rest was good and I was still busy spending a couple hours each day cutting, hauling and splitting wood.  We were lucky that about two weeks ago hydro had come down our road and cut down a bunch of trees along the hydro lines so I didn't have to go back too far into the push but it was still enough work getting at least a 12-15 cords of wood from where they fell to piled in the wood shed.
This weekend NOTS(Northern Ontario Triathlon Squad) is having a mini training camp with Aron coming from the Sault and Josh from North Bay for the weekend to join up with those already here in Sudbury.  It's sure to be a fun weekend with everyone putting in some quality training with race season just around the corner.  These guys have been training hard all winter and are in incredible shape so it's going to be a task just trying to keep up with them.   

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