Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Man Winter

We've seemed to have got one more blast of winter. Just as everything was starting to turn green and the flowers were coming out in the gardens we get dumped on with two full days of ice and snow. Last week I was wearing shorts, biking in nothing but my bike shorts and jersey for 3-4 days and yesterday and today I'm wearing my winter coat into work. It looks like starting tomorrow the temperatures are going back up and it should melt pretty quick which is a good thing.
I was asked my friends of ours this week if I will take their son to the Hedley concert here in Sudbury on Monday. I can't say I'm a huge fan but I'm sure it will still be fun.
Today was pretty much a day off for with just an easy 30min spin indoors on the bike and a 1500m easy swim right after. The pool was already pretty busier than usual when I got in but I was able to swim without any floaters bothering me. I don't know why but people just kept coming in and really don't understand why someone who already has a hard time swimming would want to get in right beside me when they would they could go in another lane with other people who are doing a form of side stroke. Then you get the ones who try and keep their hair out out of the water so that they don't have to redo it afterwards. Today was just one of those days in the pool and all I wanted to do was swim for less than 20minutes and get out!
On a different note I'm having a beard growing contest with one of my students at school. We let it grow for a week so that it was long enough and then everyday we have to do something different to it and then the person who comes to school without changing it to what we agreed on the previous day is the loser. Today was only day two of changing it so we'll see how long it goes for. I have a feeling though he's going to win because I'm already getting tired of it but it does make for a few laughs every morning.
Tomorrows plan is a 75min swim followed by an easy run after I get out of the pool and then weights. Then Sunday is a big 4.5 hour brick before the swim meet.

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