Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly!

A BIG Happy Birthday to my little sister Molly!! It was nice to have her over for supper last night to celebrate her birthday. We had a really nice supper thanks to our good friend Sig who brought over steak and shrimp for the BBQ!
The swim meet on the weekend went really kids swam great! It's kind of funny to see a 10 year old swimming as fast as some of the "elite" triathletes. They have another swim meet this week here in Sudbury again. This is a big one for them with about 500 swimmers coming!
I got some good news yesterday when I found out that the Y were I do most of my swimming will be getting a pace clock. I've had to make due without one for a long time now. Thank god for all my years of swimming and being able to 30x50's at pace all within .5 of a second. It's helped because I can pretty much tell how fast I'm swimming just by feel. Sometimes I have someone on deck timing me but regardless I'm pretty excited about the pace clock!

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