Thursday, March 18, 2010

Five Long but Short Years

Tomorrow marks the Five year anniversary of my dad's car accident where he was taken from all of us way too early. It's been kind of a tough week to say the least. I've only been up for about two hours now and already this morning I've found myself in tears over pretty stupid things as my emotions seems to be running wild. It's hard to think that it's already been five years and yet looking back at those five years so many things have happened. Unfortunately so many of those great things that have happened in my life and those that were close to him I've wished he had been there for. He was truly someone I looked up to and I try and mirror so many of his characteristics. He was the best dad to my sister and I and I can't wait to be the same to my child. He supported my sister and I to the best that he could in everything and was our biggest fan. Dad we miss you from the bottom of our hearts but you are in a better place now and there isn't anyone more suited to be up there looking over us. I love you.

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